Klefstad Publishing

Märtha Jonsson
Märtha comes from Skillinge in Skåne and moved to Klefstad in Östergötland when she married Birger 1960. For over 20 years they have run Klefstad restaurant and Bed & Breakfast. The recipes in mom’s handwritten waxed oilcloth book are used every day and guests often ask for the recipes and their history. Mom has baked everything in In Grandma's Arbor and also made the arrangements for the photos.

Science of Home Economics at Uppsala Seminar in Sweden 1961-1964

Kinna Jonsson

Kinna grew up on Klefstad farm as the eldest sister and as a child she met most of the bakers and also has memories of both grandmas. Kinna now lives in Stockholm with her fiancé Fredrik Hård af Segerstad and blogs about cooking. Kinna is the photographer and writer of the books.

Hotel & Catering Management in Salzburg in Austria 1982-1984
Bachelor of Economic Science at Stockholm University in Sweden 1992-1996

Elina Jonsson

Baby sister Elina is much younger than her siblings and doesn’t have the same childhood memories associated with her grandparents. Still, the childhood at Klefstad farm, with delicious pastries, gave her an early and genuine perception of the waxed oilcloth books. Elina is the editor, designer and translator of the books.

Graphic Design in Florence in Italy 2001-2002
LLM at Lund University and Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Sweden 2002-2008