Klefstad Publishing

Our family recipes have been translated from Swedish into English - and are therefore still based on Swedish traditions and Swedish goods. Below is an ingredient’s list to help you to identify the Swedish products and ingredients used - and if possible find replacements. In our books you will find practical and thorough advice on how to make your baking sucessful.

The beautiful photos also serve as a guide to the baking.

Almond paste [mandelmassa]
...can be bought ready-made.

Baking ammonia [hjorthornssalt]
...is used as a rising agent, especially for gingerbread.
It can be replaced by baking soda.

Brown sugar [farinsocker]
...is soft and sticky. It cannot be replaced by the sweeter white sugar.
Caloric punch [punsch]
...is a Swedish liqueur, which can be replaced by arrak extract.
Cedrate oil [cedro]
...is a kind of concentrated lemon oil.
Coconut flakes [kokosflingor]
...in Sweden are always unsweetened.
Cream [grädde]
...has 40% fat - unless otherwise mentioned.
Creamed cottage cheese or quark [kesella]
...is a kind of fresh cheese with the texture of sourcream.
Usually only 11% fat or less. Could be replaced by ricotta cheese.

Fresh yeast [jäst]
...is used in our recipes. Always mixed with tepid liquid 37°C [98°F] -
unless the dough is specifically referred to as cold risen.
Active dry yeast is instead mixed with the flour and thereafter
liquid at about 45°C [113°F], is added.
Carefully read the instructions on the package.

Gelatin [gelatin]
...sheets or powder are soaked in cold water.
Carefully read the instructions on the package.
Golden syrup [sirap]
...is a thick liquid sugar from sugar beets.
Golden syrup cannot be replaced by corn syrup.

Lingonberry jam [lingonsylt]
...makes the cake juicy, but can be omitted.

Milk [mjölk]
...has 3% fat - unless otherwise mentioned.
Molasses [mörk sirap]
...is a thick dark liquid sugar from sugar beets.

Sifted rye [rågsikt]
...is a typical Swedish product.
Make your own sifted rye out of 60 percent sifted wheat flour
and 40 percent sifted rye flour.

Soured milk or buttermilk [filmjölk]
...is a thick soured milk with a bacterial culture.
Could be replaced with plain, unsweetened yoghurt or kefir.
Succade [suckat]
...is candied peel from citrus fruits, or sometimes candied pumpkins.
Sugar [socker]
...is always to understand as granulated sugar [strösocker].
Unless otherwise mentioned.
Wafer paper [oblat]
...is actually the same kind of bread as used in mass in church.

White distilled vinegar [ättika]
...is usually 24%.